What we believe

Five words trace the contours of our faith:

We believe that truth concerning God and the ultimate issues of life is revealed truth.
We do not make it up. We discover it by studying the revelation of God’s acts in history, climaxing in Jesus and recorded in the Bible.

We believe that the most consistent and intellectually responsible way to interpret the Bible was outlined well by the branch of the Protestant Reformation known as Calvinism, or the Reformed faith. We believe that all of life revolves around the Creator and the fulfillment of His plans in Christ. This Christ-centeredness interlocks all the teachings of the Bible.

“Presbyter” is the New Testament word for “elder.” We believe that the Bible teaches God’s plan for an organized church, governed under Christ by groups of elders
appointed by the church at large. We believe that all leadership in the church must be team leadership, not leadership by individuals.

Meaningful accountability of church leadership to Christ requires biblical standards of teaching and behavior. The Westminster Confession of Faith summarizes our understanding of biblical doctrine and functions as our standard for mutual discipline.

Christ has called His church to function in unity. While Protestants agree to respectfully disagree on secondary theological matters, we band together in denominations in order to hold each other accountable to Christ and work together in practical ways. We are connected to the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Together we train and
supervise those who teach us, and po
ol our resources to communicate Christ's gospel and Christ’s love all over the world.

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