Why do we call it Good News?

Because of a promise

It goes back to Adam and Eve. Our first parents decided that they wanted to take the place of God—deciding for themselves what is right and wrong. They doomed all of us to lives of pain, sorrow, hardship, inevitable death and future judgment.

But God promised to come after us—personally. He would be the Leader, Champion and Hero our first parents were not. He kept his promise through his son, Jesus.

How did his plan work?

  • God actually took on human flesh and became one of us
  • On the cross he became our Champion—taking on our sin and absorbing God’s hatred of it
  • God himself became our shield of salvation
  • Our slate was wiped clean
  • Christ paid our moral debt
  • We can stand before God forgiven - our judgement paid by Jesus

It sounds unfair. But Jesus volunteered for it. And God's plan is the only way to find his forgiveness. Or have a relationship with him.

And the Bible promises that faith in this amazing gift will transform us.

  • It grows a desire for God-centered living
  • We learn to live in the love God has given us—love that yearns for holiness, expresses itself in compassion and overcomes fear—even of the grave

How can you start life over as one of God’s children?

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