History made in 1982

In 1982 our denomination, RPCES, joined the PCA. It was historic for two reasons:

  • there was no squabbling about "yours and ours" - we just joined them
  • it was the first northern and southern church to re-unite after the Civil War

"The Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod merged with the PCA in 1982, a relatively rare instance of two conservative American denominations uniting, which was a sort of action much more common at the time among moderate-to-liberal denominations. The RPCES had been formed in 1965 by a merger of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (an offshoot of the Bible Presbyterian Church and not the current denomination by that name) and the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America, General Synod. The latter body maintained a direct historical tie to the Scottish Covenanter tradition. The RPCES brought two important things: a more nationally-based membership, and a college and seminary, the latter of which the PCA did not yet have, relying instead on independent evangelical institutions such as Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi and Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. However, RTS received its initial support at the time of its founding in the mid-1960s by PCUS pastors and churches that would ultimately join the PCA. One notable figure from the RPCES was Francis Schaeffer." (Wikipedia, 2012)









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