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Upcoming events

June 17 - Happy Father's Day
June 25-29 - Victory Jam (MS)
July 4 - Church office closed

Jul 9 - Adventure Week begins                        Aug 3-6 - Big Beach (HS)                                 
Sep 3 - Church Office Closed                   
Sep 22 - Free Family Flea Market
Sep 28 - Women's Conference (Annapolis EP)
Oct 13 - Fall Harvest Celebration
Nov 21 - Thanksgiving Eve service
Dec 1 - Women's Christmas Brunch


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VBS volunteer/register/donate

Volunteer for Adventure Week 
Register your kids

Donations needed

Adventure Week (Extreme VBS) - July 9-13  
Children K-completed 5th grade

Cost: $10 per child with a $20 maximum per family through June 22.  After June 22, please bring a paper registration form to Adventure Week on July 9. Please note: there is no maximum per family after June 22.

Adventure Week Prep - There are lots to prepare including craft prep, decorations, painting and more. Come to the Ministry Center Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-4:00PM and we'll put you to work. Drop in and leave when you need to.

What's the I-Team doing?

Following the Assessment Team’s recommendation regarding spiritual gifting, the I-Team is in the process of bringing first to our Staff two spiritual gifting surveys. We pray it will be an encouragement to our hard-working Staff!
Have thoughts to share with the I-Team? Email us anytime at

Prayer for the I-Team and Session

Last Sunday we were introduced to the Implementation Team and asked to pray for the Team as they work to make our new Strategy a reality.

Join us Wednesday (7:00-8:00PM - Parlor) to pray for the new Strategy and all those involved in making it a reality.

For men

BibleStudy - We're in a study of the Gospel of MarkWe meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month (7:00PM  Ministry Center basement). All men, single or married, young or old, are welcome.

Prayer - We meet for prayer every Saturday at 7:00AM in the Ministry Center.

Remember the food pantry

Canned meats (chicken, turkey, beef stew)
Canned fish (tuna, salmon)

Canned fruit - Canned tomatoes
Peanut butter & jelly - Cereal - Sugar & Flour
Mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, salad dressing
Soup - Spaghetti sauce - Spaghetti - Baked beans
Diapers & Baby Food - Toilet paper

Make sure to check expiration dates. And no ramen noodles, please!


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